Mindfulness as you Best Friend

A month ago, I met a friend who told me that she was restless and stressed. She could not sleep because there was ‘stuff running around her head’, especially when she was lying in bed wanting to go to sleep. She was worried she would get sick because of countless sleepless nights and mounting anxiety. She was already taking pills to put herself to sleep – medication is not helping her anymore. In her own words, ‘this drives me crazy!’

I told my friend to have mindful strategies as her best friend. Then she got these questions on her face. ‘How would I do that?’ ‘Is that really effective?’

I gave this friend some advice, and this is what I said about sleep hygiene:

  • Indulge self in an activity meant for wellbeing. For example, get the right amount of exercise, perhaps go for a 30 minutes walk daily. 
  • Hydrate yourself well by drinking x 6 glasses of water/day.
  • Put all gadgets or mobile phones away or turn them off at least an hour before going to sleep.
  • Have the intention and commitment to practice 7 minutes of Mindfulness.
  • Start with a breathing exercise, especially when she is about to sleep.
  • Let thoughts of worries come in and just observe them.
  • There is no need to be burdened by worries; observe and let them fade away to the background.


I gave my friend a copy of Today, I live happily and well journal to reflect on daily activities. So I was glad when I found out that my friend had bought a copy of my Mindful Coco Book. The secret to anxiety reduction is persistence with Mindful practice. It would be best if you had a helpful guide.

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