Mindful Coco


A Little Silence with Mindfulness is the Road to Freedom and Happiness in Life.

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Dr. Padmini Howpage is a Clinical & Academic Psychiatrist and the author of two books, ‘Mindful Coco’ and ‘7 Magic Minutes for Today.’ More than three decades of clinical experience with children and adolescents is reflected in her book when she introduces Mindfulness strategies in their simplicity, practicality, and applicability. COCO, a kind and lovable pet dog, inspires children and helps them to master mindfulness techniques, so children learn to build a solid foundation of freedom, happiness, and love. The book also accommodates parents and teachers, and adults can join the activities or become role models using the same strategies.
This informative, insightful guide helps you cultivate a stress-free life in today’s challenging circumstances. There are discoveries to make when children learn to respond rather than react. As a result, having bad habits becomes impossible, and children continue their studies with enhanced attention, better concentration, and citizenship.
Mindful Coco is one of the best gifts for children and an essential tool in every handbag, schoolbag, and briefcase.

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