7 Magic Minutes for Today


The road to freedom in life only takes 7 minutes of silence.

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7 Magic Minutes for Today is about uncovering the magic within yourself when you are present in the moment. This book takes you on a Mindful journey using centuries-old tools: being aware, non-judgmental, non-reactive, loving and kind. Unhelpful and destructive thoughts like anger, envy and jealousy become a distant memory when you bring compassion and warmth to your daily experiences and develop your authentic and happy self. Techniques you will learn will enhance your self-esteem and confidence as you become masterful in manoeuvring life events in challenging situations.

With skill, knowledge and insight, psychiatrist Dr Padmini Howpage introduces the pillars of Mindfulness and offers simple, practical applications for cultivating magic moments anywhere, anytime. All it takes is 7 magic minutes.

Dr Padmini Howpage is also the author of children’s book Mindful Coco, which introduces Mindful practices to children.

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