Discover the secrets of overcoming anxiety and stress. All it takes is 7 minutes a day.

This book follows the Mindful journey using centuries-old tools: being aware, non-judgmental, non-reactive, loving and kind. With knowledge and insight, Dr Howpage is skilful in offering you simple, practical techniques to cultivate magic moments of Mindfulness anywhere, anytime.

Uncover the magic within yourself by enhancing your self-esteem, gaining confidence and learning to be present in this moment. Techniques help you to:

  • Manoeuvre challenging life events to safety skilfully and masterfully.
  • Keep unhelpful and destructive thoughts like anger, envy and jealousy at bay, so they become a distant memory.
  • Bring kindness, compassion and warmth to your daily experiences.

The ‘icing of the cake is your ability to develop an authentic self.

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Dr Padmini Howpage’s new book, 7 Magic Minutes for Today, is a game-changer in mental health. It is written with great compassion for her patients and, even more importantly, as a guide for all, towards a more fulfilling life experience. As a clinician, I can appreciate the effectiveness for all our patients. As a father and a grandfather, I can see the enormous value for all of us as we follow our paths to make this world a better place. 7 Magic Minutes for Today must have a place in every home and office.
Robert CraigPsychologist
This book is a thorough guide to Mindfulness. Although 7 minutes sounds like a short time, this period could heal distressed minds and strengthen the mind in the same way that exercise strengthens and calms the body. Throughout the book, she guides her reader patiently as if they are in the same room. She accompanies them through the many layers and varieties of Mindfulness practices step by step, from basic to advanced training. If you weren’t inspired before by Mindful practices, look no further, 7 Magic Minutes for Today will provide you with wisdom, insights and essential tools of mindful practices.
Dr Carmelo AquilinaPsychiatrist
7 Magic Minutes for Today is a much-needed book for any adult living with the stresses, anxieties and existential threats we increasingly face in this modern world. As a junior doctor and young woman navigating life’s obstacles, I am grateful for the peace these skills bring. This book will provide readers with helpful and practical tools to allow meaningful reflection and acceptance of their thoughts and emotions. In straightforward steps, the author demystifies Mindfulness – ultimately inviting us all to use the precious time to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. A must-buy.
Dr Sashie HowpageEndocrinologistv
Mindfulness is indeed the secret to the pursuit of calm during the turbulence that life offers, and I am thrilled Dr Howpage has chosen to share this wisdom. The concept of Mindfulness certainly has been her key to opening the door to many experiences and opportunities. I know that her secret to happiness and success through Mindfulness strategies will help all those who read her book – a gift for all ages.
Transgender school student, aged 17(wishes to remain anonymous)

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