She is a Srilankan Australian.
Why does this matter?

‘Well, bear in mind she has to marry two cultures to one personality.'

Clinical & Academic Psychiatrist / Author

Dr Padmini Howpage

Dr Padmini Howpage MBBS FRANZCP is a clinical and academic psychiatrist with a wealth of experience spanning over more than three decades. As an author, she shares her insights, knowledge, and expertise in simple, relatable and practical language through the children’s book Mindful Coco, all-ages book 7 Magic Minutes for Today and the daily journal Today I will live happily and well.

‘To be seen and loved for who you are indeed is a universal need. Difficult and destructive emotions like anger, envy, hatred and jealousy cannot coexist with love and kindness when you practice emotions of love and compassion.’

– Dr Padmini Howpage

Mindful or Mindless?

‘The challenge for you is not about passing this moment. It is about experiencing this moment before it leaves you. Remember, there is nothing permanent in this life.’’

Dr Padmini Howpage

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