For speaking engagements, Dr Howpage is exclusively represented by the Mind Connections Specialist Health Services

Dr Howpage is a psychiatrist, author, mentor, public speaker, and philanthropist in her professional life. She is a devoted mother, wife, and loyal companion to her friends in her personal life. She is blessed with perfect combinations that drive life.

She is a leadership expert and an inspirational speaker. She delivers high-energy presentations that challenge audiences to focus on what matters most, ‘to be happy in life.’ she engages her audience from the moment she steps in. She leaves them with empowering tools and focused mindsets setting them up for life. She is passionate about people and the equanimity of Mindset. Her strategies are practical; choose to do something, say something, behave in some way that motivates everyone to enjoy better feelings. Audiences love her straightforward solutions to significant life stressors; avoid distractions, stop interruptions, prioritise daily objectives, and be productive.

She invites you to understand the power of intention and commitment to Mindfulness. Organisations love working with Dr Howpage, as she inspires others to find their authentic self, become enthusiastic about change and discover their unique power of resilience during stressful times.

Her messages are loud and clear.

‘Harvest the best lifelong return through 7 minutes investment a day.’’

  • Walk with confidence and talk with empathy.
  • Call shots, no matter whether you lead and follow.
  • Find ways to be open, spontaneous, engaged and consistent.

‘Learn how to weather storms in life.’

  • Practice Mindfulness and cultivate humility and authenticity.
  • Power is in the moment will vanish – don’t waste it.
  • Master non-judgmental awareness and find peace and joy.

Outside professional work, she may be in the community with her two loving children and friends, reading and writing books, or travelling locally or globally. Her favourite way to spend time is having brunch at home in the morning sunlight on Sundays with her husband, Daya, and their pet dog, Coco.

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