Compassion-based Motivation

What is Motivation?

Motivation explains why people or animals initiate, continue or terminate a specific behaviour at a particular time. Motivational states induce mental faculties within the person or animal, creating a disposition to engage in goal-directed behaviour. However, subconscious biases, beliefs about what one ought to do or intentions compete and only the most robust state determines behaviour.

Although motivation is the driving force, the paradigmatic mental state providing motivation is desire. Motivation to set goals and achieve goals keeps you going or stops you from moving.

What motivates you to wake up early in the morning?
What motivates you to lose weight?
What motivates you to earn money?

Keep on questioning and be Mindful of your desires. It is the pathway to achieving your ultimate goals.


It is natural for human beings to have motivations to keep going. And one of the most important motivations in life, but less familiar, could be compassion-based motivation. This kind of motivation usually comes from our empathic ability: compassion to self, then everyone around us – our partner, children, relatives, friends, or colleagues and then spreading around to the whole world and Universe.

This intangible act is powerful; the person feels enormous security and support to reach the goal.

Chapter 6: Loving-Kindness and Mindful Gratitude in 7 Magic Minutes for Today describe strategies for compassion-based motivation.

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