Overcoming Self-Doubt - The Essence of Self-Acceptance

Do you sometimes feel that you are inadequate? Is self-doubt always on your way?

What is SELF-DOUBT? More often, self-doubt is a feeling of uncertainty regarding one or more aspects of ourselves. One feels insecure, empty, or unable to decide which is which. It is that moment that when you look in the mirror, you can’t accept what you see; you doubt everything about you, even your appearance. A person with self-doubt is prone to low self-esteem. It is hard not to rely on others’ opinions because you doubt your own opinion about yourself.

How will you overcome self-doubt?



First, you need to know your self-worth! Assess what are you capable of and know your strengths. Then, challenge your thoughts. Why do you feel bad about your very own self and your own decisions?


Embrace yourself. It is okay not to be perfect according to ideals. Accept what and who you are and be happy about yourself. No one is perfect, and every one is unique in their own way. Be kind to yourself and love yourself without conditions attached.

The essence of self-acceptance is to believe in yourself and happy with your strengths. You understand your flaws does not mean that you are a terrible person. The truth is, ‘you are yourself.’ This concept is called ‘non-judgemental awareness.’

If you turn to page 89 in 7 Magic Minutes for Today, you will find Chapter 3: Non-Judgmental Mindful Awareness. Practice strategies there, and you will find your authentic self.

Keep Good Friends

Get along with people who can accept just the way you are. Join people who practice Mindfulness and respect individual’s differences. Let go of bad company!

Find Validation Within Yourself

Be firm with your decision as long as you know it’s the right thing to do. Appreciate the great things you did and forgive yourself if you made a mistake. Do not find validation from someone else; otherwise, you’ll get disappointed. It’s okay to get the opinion of others but listen to your instincts first.

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